How Much Do Phone Numbers Cost

Phone number:

A phone number is a unique number that uniquely identifies a telephone line. Telephone service providers assign phone numbers. They often identify the country in which they are located. Many countries use phone numbers to access other services like directory assistance and emergency services.

To place an international call, a caller will normally dial a specific code. This code is called the trunk code. The most common trunk code for countries is 00. But it can vary depending upon the country.  if you want to get mobile top-up service then Prepaid Mall may be the right choice for you. This can make your business look great and help increase your customer base.


Phone Number Pricing :

Let’s move on to pricing phone numbers. All JustCall Pricing Plan users get 1 local phone number (which can be purchased via your JustCall dashboard). This is for no additional cost. A Standard Plan on JustCall allows you to add up to ten local numbers to a team of 10 for no extra charge. The cost of an extra phone number, if any, is added to your subscription plans once you have exceeded your free local phone numbers limit. JustCall charges $6 to $10 for most local numbers, but prices can rise for some areas (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Jordon and India, Singapore SMS-enabled Phone Number, UAE, Australian Toll-Free Number, etc).

Phone numbers that aren’t accessible for procurement using your JustCall account, or non-local numbers (mobile, tollfree & nation numbers) are not included under the “1 phone number per person” quota. Additional charges will apply to these phone numbers. If you’re able to access the numbers via your JustCall account, they are covered under the local free phone number quota. Extra phone numbers are added to your bill once you have reached the Free Local Phone Number Limit. Phone charges are recurring which will be added to your subscription bill

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