How to Connect Analog Phone to VOIP

Analog phones

Analog phones are simple and cost-effective. They can also be limited in terms of their potential. Although they can be used for standard functions like hold, mute, and speed dial as well as redial and speed dials, it is much more difficult to add new features, since they are hardware-based. It could also be expensive. Analog phones use the POTS (plain old telephone system) instead of modern telephony-type connections. Analog phones, due to their simplicity, may be better suited to smaller businesses that do less rely on telecommunications. If you are looking to set up a call center or any other telephony service, just signup Ajoxi.

Analog Telephone Adapter :

An analog telephone converter (ATA) converts any standard phone into a device capable to complete calls in Voice Over IP or VoIP networks. The ATA converts outbound analog signals to digital ones. These can be understood by local computer networks as and the internet. It also handles inbound calls by converting digital signals to analog.ATA is used to connect analog devices (phone, fax, etc.) to your VoIP network. Customers must either use IP phones or connect analog phones to an ATA. This can make it easier to get started using Dash in certain cases. you can also read our blog about call south Africa.


How to Connect Analog Phone to VOIP:

  • If you need to connect analog devices (phone, fax, etc.) to your VoIP network, FXS ports must be available on the ATA/VoIP Gateway in order to connect analog devices to your VoIP network. FXS will send analog signals (converted by your VoIP network) to FXO and vice versa.
  • However, if your VoIP Gateway is to be connected to the PSTN (or existing copper telephony cables), an FXO port will be required. The FXO port in the VoIP gateway will receive analog signals and convert them to VoIP. Both ports provide a lot of flexibility. It allows you to keep legacy analog equipment while still having PSTN connectivity.

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