Inbound Process Meaning

Inbound call center:

A customer inbound call center handles incoming calls. Since calls are often from existing customers, support teams tend to monitor inbound centers. This is what customer service is all about, and it falls under the inbound process. An inbound phone center takes calls from customers. Since customers call inbound calls, support teams monitor them. This is the purpose of customer service and falls under the scope of the inbound processes. If you are looking to set up a call center or any other telephony service, just signup on Ajoxi.


Most Common Services of Inbound Call Centers:

customer service – Customers can be found both to support outbound and internal BPO. To assist with an inbound process, a BPO executive must take a call from the customer. This is customer service. It falls under the inbound process.

Feedback – When an inbound process is being used, feedback should be considered as part of the inbound phone calls. BPO executives have to be able to handle customer feedback. Feed backs refer to customer experiences that have been used as a basis for the responses.

Returns- These are the circumstances in which a customer needs to return a specific product. BPO executives need to be educated in order for customers to understand all details of return policies.

Address modifications – Changing an address is another type of query customers are looking for in the inbound process. Customers are able to make necessary changes in their correspondence address just like an inbound telephone call.

Technical help – Inbound requests for technical assistance can be made regarding ordering or website navigation. BPO executives need to be technical-sound and provide all technical support for customers.

Direct sales – Direct sales is a method where companies recruit interested prospects to start the inbound selling process. This allows them to find if the prospect is a good fit for the product. In other words, Inbound sales place emphasis on the customer’s need, and the salesperson acts as a trusted advisor, adapting the buyer’s point of view.

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