Proper Phone Etiquette Call Center

Proper Phone Etiquette Call Center:

Negative language in customer support tells customers what is impossible. It is neither productive for support agents nor comforting for customers. Proper call center etiquette is to

  • Let’s keep the conversation going and share your solutions to the problems
  • You can build customer trust by focusing on positive outcomes. This motivates customers to continue calling you.
  • Use positive phrases, such as “I can certainly look on that for your” or “Let’s find out for yourself,” to show customers you are willing to help.

Remember, a body language is a powerful tool for translating over the phone. So smile and keep your face up! Grinning can help you appear friendlier while speaking and it will keep you positive while helping customers.


Phone Etiquette Tips for Call Center:


Communicate clearly and professionally

It’s easy for people to talk over the phone all day long, and it’s easy for them to get distracted or start speaking fast. This is especially true when you are first answering the phone. If you speak slowly, clearly, and professionally, even with a warm greeting, it can quickly turn to confusion for your callers.

Listen to this Caller

It is important to pay attention and listen to the caller so you don’t miss important information. This goes beyond listening to the caller talk. Customer service is best if they are actively listening.

Don’t Interrupt

Nobody likes being interrupted. Interjecting when a caller is in a tirade can be tempting. It’s not going to help. It’s best not to listen to them but to keep taking notes until they have spoken. Then you can take over the call and come up with a resolution. This does NOT mean that call center agents should sit and listen for personal attacks or any other abusive language. Call center representatives have the right and authority to stop abusive language. If that fails to work, call center representatives should hang up.

Stay positive even when the caller isn’t

There will always be times when a caller seems rude or unfriendly. Some callers may not want to share their personal information. Encourage call center personnel to be calm and to use empathy. It is crucial to try to understand what the caller is experiencing but keep a positive and friendly attitude. Even if the caller is still grumpier at the end, it’ll be great knowing they handled this call well.

Before placing the caller on hold: Being put on hold is not something that anyone likes. This is especially true in cases where you have waited long enough to speak with someone free. Reps should ask for permission from callers before placing them on hold. Also, they should explain why the call is necessary. The caller will be happier if they are kept informed so that they can understand why they need to be placed on hold

Be Honest: Sometimes, a caller will ask an unanswered question or a question that isn’t obvious. Call center reps to need to be sincere in such situations. Let callers know that although you may not have the answer, you are going to find it.

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