Recording Phone Calls Across State Lines

Recording calls across different areas:

The new technology of communication has created a world in which new laws are necessary to ensure that recording telephone calls are legal and compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. Recording sales calls can be a powerful tool both for reps and managers. However, it is important to know the legality of recording calls across different areas. This is because call recording regulations vary from one country or state to another, and you can face severe fines if you violate these laws. Call recording software allows businesses to monitor and train their employees, provide customer service and resolve disputes. Every organization that uses call-recording software must be aware of and comply with all applicable laws.


Recording laws according to state:

Recording conversations in person or by phone is legal. In most states recording can only be done by one party. You can choose to be the interviewer and legally press the record but you must not tell the other person.

Eleven states, however, require two-party permission. That is, all parties in a conversation have to consent to their recording. These states include California (Delaware), Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts as well as Washington (Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania) and Washington. (Don’t let the expression “two-party” fool you. In theory, five people must be on a call at once, it would technically require five permissions.

What about recording calls across state lines:

Recording calls made over international or state lines can add complexity. Let’s say you have a Philadelphia-based business that receives inbound calls from Louisianan customers looking for account support. Louisiana is a single-party consent state. 

Federal laws and state laws differ on recording conversations and phone calls. It can be difficult to identify which jurisdiction has legal control in cases involving multiple parties or recording devices. To be safe when applying the law, it is best to use the strictest law when in doubt or to get the consent .” of at least one person to the conversation

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